Monroe, Jackson, and the GOP
Ep. 90

Monroe, Jackson, and the GOP

Episode description

After enduring the War of 1812 and a mercantilistic attack from Britain, America emerged with growth ahead of it, which included migration into the western frontier and the growth of trade among the states.  During the presidencies of James Monroe and John Quincy Adams the years became known as the Era of Good Feeling.  However, as the Federalist Party faded into history, strife within the Jeffersonian Republican Party was amiss; leading to the party becoming the Democratic-Republican Party, and ultimately the Democratic Party led by Andrew Jackson.  President Jackson eliminated the Second Bank of the United States and the National Debt, but also pushed for Democracy and a consolidation of power at the federal level.  The Whig Party rose to challenge Jackson, only to face its own inner strife over slavery.  In 1854 the Republican Party, which also came to be known as the Grand Ol' Party (GOP) was formed, splitting the Whigs, and providing a new challenge to the Jacksonian Democrats.  Mr. Constitution, Douglas V. Gibbs, explains the details of those years during the Antebellum Period, as well as why knowing history is so important when it comes to paving our way forward along the road to the future.

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